Coconut Oil For Hair Use

Coconut oil for many years had a negative image, but after further research it became one of the most versatile and sought-after oils on the market. Coconut palm (also known as cocos nucifera) is grown in popular countries with warm climates such as Indonesia, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Thailand, Hawaii, etc.
Asian and other cultures have used coconut oil for millennia. They eat with it, cook with it, take a bath or shower and use it daily for health reasons. They turn it from a naturally grown coconut palm. They have healthy and beautiful hair and skin because they use coconut oil as a natural resource.

This oil, which slowly decomposes, does not go rancid and has a long shelf life (up to two years without spoiling or oxidation). It has a refreshing sweet aroma with a high melting point of 76 degrees Fahrenheit. It also contains lauric acid, well-saturated fatty acid.

It also contains traces of vitamin E, which is useful for hair growth, hair healing and hail damage. It is also useful for hair, keeping them hydrated and giving the hair strength and shine. There are many types, but only certain types can be used for hair to keep them healthy.

Here are a few types of coconut oil:

  1. Raw or pure, or unrefined, or virgin oil is made from the pulp of fresh raw coconut. This can be taken depending on the process. This type is also used to produce coconut milk and has a different processing method. Unrefined oil or first-press oil is best used for hair and scalp, as chemicals are not used to process it.
  2. Refined oil is mainly used in cooking and baking and is processed together with dried coconut pulp.
  3. Organic oil is grown on organic soil. Pesticides or chemicals are not used. This oil is used in organic products for absorption and local use.
  4. Fractional coconut oil can be used in cooking as a moisturizer in cosmetic products such as lotion, soap or shampoo. It is also used as an oil carrier because it is easily absorbed through the skin.
  5. Hydrogenated coconut oil is chemically processed and should be avoided because it changes during treatment and is harmful to the body due to fat change or conversion.

Coconut hair oil can be applied directly to the hair rod, scalp, roots or tips of hair. Whether you use it for a certain area of hair or for overall hair health, this is an enriching supplement to improve your hair.

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