Understanding The Features of 360 Domes Camera in Detail

The dome CCTV systems are equipped with sensors of unintentional intelligence and movement. Perhaps the best feature of these cameras is that they provide a 360-degree shadow. They are designed for a full view from almost anywhere. Since these cameras have domes around the lenses, no one can tell in which direction the lens is actually looking forward. The dome camera is a great choice for a homely ambitious system, because the camera is hidden in the dome. Dome cameras can be wireless or wired. Either way, these devices are a well known choice for CCTV as they provide stunning views of the room from above. Here are some of the main characteristics and benefits of the 360 domes:

  1. Atmospheric-resistant and anti-vandal

One of the main features of the 360 domes is that they can be used to observe the environment, such as parks, picnic areas and playgrounds. The dome cover, which protects the wireless camera inside, is mainly made up of thick lining and a tighter outer layer that can withstand high levels of physical strength such as impacts, hydraulic shocks and shots.


Many dome cameras have a varifokal lens that allows them to rotate 360 degrees, so if you connect them in the center of the room or elsewhere, it will be able to cover the entire area without the connection of an additional camera. This allows continuous monitoring day after day.

  1. Simple installation

The dome chamber can be installed horizontally at the top or hung on the suspension instead of a lamp. The finale is used in the construction of reception rooms or halls with higher ceilings to provide the best image recognition. As a rule, the installation is simple, fast and inexpensive.

  1. Clear and clear images.

A good dome camera 360 is suitable for both day and night vision. It is equipped with a white balance, an aspect that inevitably controls the lighting, so that you can easily take pictures both in low light, day or in conditions such as outdoors at night. The automatic amplification function is activated even in low light conditions, allowing the camera to more clearly capture people’s faces. The dome is so cheap that they can be connected in any corridor of any house. It is installed in the vestibules, elevators and stairwells, so that no corner of the building is protected. In the parking lots you can install waterproof high-speed dome cameras that work both day and night.

Due to the increasing number of home invasions, burglaries and robberies in the area, it is important to connect dome cameras in many offices and buildings. This is important even for the police and detectives.

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